Reproduced below are some of the emails I received from my clients. The mail is unedited with typos, warts and all, reproduced EXACTLY as received. :-)

These feedback are NOT eBay transactions and as such does not appear in my eBay Feedback.

I have inserted the country of origin of the purchasers in square brackets


Hi Kenneth,

your stamps have been received and your quality is
good and in line with previous deliveries.
please keep me updated as soon as you have newest

best regards
javier [Spain]


Just letting you know stamps arrived in perfect condition Saturday 17th

Many thanks for this order.

Jan Brown [United Kingdom]

Dear Kenneth,

Today I received the order in good condition, was packed nice, thanks.
Hope to do business with you again.

Do you also have a shop in KL, or only on the www ?
I spent 3 holidays in malaysia (and really love your country), but always
forgot to buy some stamps. So it was great to find "Filatelic"


 Cees. [The Netherlands]

Dear Kenneth,

I have now finished checking your shipment and find it complete and in
excellent shape. Your idea of sandwiching the sheets between styrofoam pads
worked very well. I hadn't realized how big these sheets would be. Thank you
very much.


Ron Hughes [U.S.A.]

I received the stamps today. It was very cool to see that you used betta
stamps on the envelope as well. I will save them too!

Thanks again,

Lina [U.S.A.]

Kenneth Loh,

Today I recieved the lighthouse stamps that I ordered from you. Everything arrived in good shape. Thank you for your help and prompt service. Also I would like to thank you for the lighthouse envelope, the literature and the use of the same stamps for the postage. It was quite a nice suprise and I really appreciate the extra effort. Thank You,

Mark  Myers [U.S.A.]

Dear Kenneth

Yesterday I got the items mentioned below. Exellent and trustfull transaction.

thansk a lot for some extra proboscis card and the nice envelop with monkey stamps. Great!!!

hans post [The Netherlands]

Received the packet before the Xmas  in good order.

Thanks for the nice cancellations.

Happy new-year

Cynthia Visser [The Netherlands]


Stamps received in good condition


Emilio [Spain]

stamps received, nice stamps, thanks


stefano [United Kingdom]


Just to let you know that I received the catalog today. And thanks for the nice stamps :-)  

HockYiung [U.S.A.]

hello kenneth,

just to let you know that my stamps finally arrived today. i don´t know

why they went for a trip to mexico (?????) before coming to costa rica.

they were in perfect condition and it was a very nice detail using the

stamps for parcel.

again, thanks

carlos m. jiménez [Costa Rica]

Just to let you know that I have received the stamps.

Thanks for using the MS.  


LiHui [Singapore]